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Sunset over the stone circle at Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.jpg


"Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, The hills of the Highlands forever I love." Robert Burns

In Scotland the past seems so close you can almost feel it swirling around you. Epic landscapes were carved out by icy glaciers millennia ago; towering castles have stood for centuries and mesmerizing stories, traditions and legends have been passed down for generations. Explore ancient sites that date from the Neolithic era and uncover the history of the Scottish clans. This historic region abounds with tales and legends of saints and Picts, of Viking invaders and endlessly warring native clans. Take a detour to Edinburgh and walk the cobbled streets of its Old Town in the shadows of the magical Edinburgh Castle.  Visit in August and spend time during the internationally acclaimed Edinburgh festival, with its quirky comedic and theatrical performances and the world famous Edinburgh Tattoo. 


Scotland is justifiably proud of its cuisine that can rival that to be found anywhere in the world. The country's renowned beef, venison, lamb, game and salmon, trout and oysters have long been the inspiration for chefs and hoteliers alike, while the traditional haggis with neeps and tatties remains the definitive Scottish dish, eaten to celebrate Burn's Night every January. Top it all off with a dram of the country's legendary single malt whisky - rich, evocative and complex, it's the true taste of Scotland! 

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