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"Just close your eyes and think of England" Queen Victoria

A journey through England is a journey through history. Your clients are able to lay their hands on the ancient megaliths of a 5000-year-old stone circle, or walk the battlements of a medieval fortress; visit the sites of the legend of King Arthur, the sonnets of Shakespeare and the palaces of monarchs – past and present. Though England’s glory lies not solely in its past.  Fast forward to the future and your clients can admire 21st-century architecture in Manchester, or explore the space-age domes of Cornwall's Eden Project. So, from the Roman remains of Hadrian’s Wall to London’s incomparable theatre scene, England is full of astounding variety. In the cities, the streets buzz day and night, filled with tempting shops and restaurants, and some of the finest museums in the world. Whilst quaint countryside English villages and classic seaside resorts offer over 1,000 years of history and layers of culture and intrigue. There really is something for everyone, whether your clients are 8 or 80, going solo, or travelling with friends, children or grandma and grandpa.  M&N Travel are here to help arrange your client’s perfect vacation.

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