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Vacations by Design
Your Luxury Travel Partner

A luxury DMC (B2B) for the UK, Ireland & Paris –
we’ll save you time and make your client’s trip extraordinary

How We Can Help

Travel Advisors – are you planning a vacation for your clients to the UK, Ireland or Paris, but, don’t know where to start? 


M&N Travel is a luxury boutique Destination Management Company in England providing vacations by design. By using our expertise you can save time and make your client’s trip extraordinary.


At M&N Travel we understand that you want to be the best travel advisors you can be.  Offering travellers unique, authentic and luxury vacations.  To succeed, your clients expect you to be an expert in each country you offer.  However, we recognise that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to research each individual client’s trip properly and still remain up to date with changes and developments, let alone deal with all the other tasks which are part and parcel of running a successful travel business.  Besides, who wants to take a chance, book something which then turns out to be a disaster causing potential reputational damage or subsequent loss of clients and revenue.  Don’t worry!  Nobody should ever have to feel too stressed or overwhelmed, and nor should you have to take a chance that what you book is the right fit for the client, not when we are here to help.  M&N Travel have a combined total of over 18 years’ experience in the luxury travel market, servicing North American travel advisors and making their jobs as easy as possible.  We are onsite luxury experts who can alleviate those stresses, saving you time and resources by planning and implementing your client’s vacation on your behalf to the UK, Ireland or Paris. 



Booking with us couldn’t be easier, it is just 4 simple steps:



  1. Initial Enquiry / Consultation

Discuss your clients interests and needs



    2. Itinerary Design


M&N Travel design an itinerary based on the information provided


    3. Final Approval from the Client


Client agrees to the final itinerary


    4. Make Payment and Relax


Once payment is made, leave everything to us




So, send us an email enquiry, press the ‘Start Planning’ button or let's arrange a Zoom meeting.  Then you can stop worrying about where to begin and you can begin spending more time with your family and friends or acquiring new clients to grow your travel business further. 


M&N Travel – We’re Your Luxury Travel Partner.

“Marina, I can't express enough my gratitude and appreciation of the work you went through to put this together” 

Heather, Canada (July 2022)

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