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Why Work with Us

They say the world is getting smaller, but, even the most experienced travel advisor cannot possibly be expected to know the ins and outs of every country worldwide in great detail.  Trends change and new hotels open or attractions develop.  Researching a trip for your clients takes time, it takes effort.  There are numerous resources on the internet and millions of reviews to contend with.  Silencing the noise and separating the helpful from the unhelpful could take days, your days; time that perhaps could be better spent.  We understand that your clients deserve the best of vacations.  They’ve worked hard and want to enjoy some well-earned time away. 

M&N Travel has been working with the luxury North American travel trade from when it was established in 2017.  Its founders, Marina & Neil have a combined total of 18 years’ experience within this travel market.  Since then, M&N Travel has arranged hundreds of vacations for visitors to the UK, Ireland and Paris on behalf of our travel agent / advisor customers.  Looking after every detail and taking care of all land arrangements on behalf of your clients.  Being on-site suppliers means we’re local experts and are here for support 24 hours a day from the moment your clients arrive to moment they leave.  By using M&N Travel you are saving your own valuable time which can be invested elsewhere.  Whether that be spending more time with your family or friends or acquiring new clients to grow your business.  They say that nobody cares about your business as much as you do.  We disagree, because we care.  We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you succeed.  M&N Travel - your luxury travel partner.


Our Promise

  • Quality professional service

  • Immediate replies

  • Fully personalised itineraries 

  • Authentic travel experiences

  • Exclusive access and private tours

  • Handpicked accommodation

  • Extensive local knowledge & passion

  • Stress-free and flexibility

Added Value:

  • Dedicated program manager

  • 24/7 – On the ground support

  • Initial 30 minutes Zoom consultation

  • Inspirational sample itineraries weekly

  • Trust Account for added peace of mind


I’ve never worked with you before – can I trust you?


Firstly, we are members of the American Society of Travel Advisors (A.S.T.A.) and are one of their featured suppliers and currently the only D.M.C. listed on their website for the UK (click here).  We also work with Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, Visit Wales and Tourism Ireland and have exhibited at their trade shows in the past.  We are I.A.T.A. / T.I.D.S. accredited and operate our business under the Protected Trust Services (PTS) umbrella (our membership number is 5269 and by clicking here you will be taken to their webpage which will explain how they operate).

We operate a Trust Account (a bank account similar to an escrow account) run by H.S.B.C. Bank on behalf of PTS, which means all funds paid to us are immediately placed in Trust.  Save for authorising the Trustees to pay suppliers, M&N Travel does not have access to any of the funds until after the clients have returned home.  Why do we do this?  Well, prior to his time in the travel industry, Neil practiced law in England and Wales.  During that time part of his legal practice included consumer protection, which he takes exceptionally seriously.  When M&N Travel was first established, both him and Marina wanted to ensure that customers of M&N Travel were as protected as possible.  Since the pandemic and the losses and insolvencies of many businesses, customers are given added peace of mind that such protection was and is in place.  As part of the booking process M&N Travel also take out supplier failure insurance, which means that there is insurance in place should any supplier become insolvent between payment for their services and your client’s trip.


Still have reservations? Well, let’s schedule a zoom call.  As part of our service we offer an initial zoom meeting.  So, why not use that opportunity to discuss how we can assist you in your business, or if you have a particular enquiry - we can go through any client’s initial wish list and / or provide some suggestions to work with.  Use the button below and lets schedule a call – we love catching up with our existing customers and meeting new and prospective ones.


How do I earn money if I work with you?


The answer to this depends on how you choose to pay.  There are two options in which agents can pay for our services – (i) using the client’s credit and / or debit card (Mastercard or Visa only) or by your client’s own bank transfer (ii) via the agents own business bank transfer or by the agent’s business debit or credit card.


Client’s debit or credit card

If you opt for payment using your client’s debit or credit card or they pay by bank transfer, then we will send you an initial invoice with our net charges.  You will then inform us as to how much you wish to add to these charges for your services.  Once you have given us that figure we will send you a revised invoice (inclusive of your charges).  That will then be paid by your client.  After the client has returned home, you will need to send us an invoice detailing the amount of those additional charges, we will then remit those to you by bank transfer to your account, your host agency account or any consortia account – just let us know. 


Payment via agent’s bank transfer or business card

If you opt to pay via bank transfer from your own business bank account or by business debit or credit card then our fees are net of your charges.  You are free to add your own fees on top of ours, then charging your clients accordingly.  All you need to do is remit to us our net charges as originally invoiced.


You say you’re fully customized but are you really?


Yes!  Everything we offer is fully customized to your client’s individual wants and needs.  We do not offer set departure tours or pre-packaged tours where only minimal amendments can be made to the dates or indeed the itinerary.  We are here to work with you and your clients to put together a vacation package involving what they actually want to see and do.  Provided it’s possible, whether that be physically or logistically and we specialise in it, we can put it together for your clients’ enjoyment.


Are we the right fit for each other?


Some travel agents or advisors might enjoy spending their time researching each destination, reading every review and really getting into the finer nuts and bolts.  If so, that’s wonderful and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.  Others may be looking for 5* service at bargain basement prices.  Forgive us, but, you won’t find that here at M&N Travel.  We price ourselves competitively, but, do not shy away from the fact that we provide a highly specialised and luxury service.  If either of the above sounds like you, we strongly suspect we will not be a match and our services probably aren’t for you.    


Booking Process



  1. Initial Enquiry / Consultation

Discuss your clients interests and needs



     2. Itinerary Design


M&N Travel design an itinerary based on the information provided


     3. Final Approval from the Client


Client agrees to the final itinerary


     4. Make Payment and relax


Once payment is made, leave everything to us.

So, send us an email enquiry, press the ‘Start Planning’ button or let's arrange a Zoom meeting.  Then you can stop worrying about where to begin and you can begin spending more time with your family and friends or acquiring new clients to grow your travel business further. 


M&N Travel – We’re Your Luxury Travel Partner.

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